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I provide acupuncture and Oriental Medicine therapies to women of all ages and throughout all life’s transitions. My treatments alleviate stress and tension, ensure comfort and consistency in menstruation for young and mature women, provide care for women experiencing a difficult time conceiving or holding a pregnancy, support women throughout gestation, prepare a woman’s mind and body for childbirth and assist women through all physical, emotional and mental imbalances that life presents.

Like minded, health conscious women find comfort in knowing they have made the right choices to support their health. Selecting the right practitioner to guide you toward balance is essential in successfully treating your Women’s Health concern. I provide education on natural methods and approaches to obtaining health and wellness that each woman desires.

Free phone consultations are available to discuss your main health, wellness and beauty concerns. Mini Acupuncture sessions are available at a discounted rate. Cosmetic Acupuncture protocols are available for the face, neck and abdomen.

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Dr. Johanna P Jacobs (561) 715-9920 is one of the leading acupuncturists in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and Margate


About my Practice

Women’s Health and Wellness is the focus of my practice. I am passionate about women’s health for myself, my family, my friends and for each patient that I receive from community referrals. Encouraging and determining the details of what will bring an individual good health and balance of mind, body and spirit are the core foundations of my Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine practice.

Good health means having strength and resistance to illness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  A weakened body, mind and spirit leaves an individual susceptible to emotional and mental strain as well as body discomfort.  A healthy mind and spirit supports the immunity of the body while physical activity and conscious health choices are the foundation to maintaining solid, constitutional, good health.

As individuals we are responsible for making choices that support our well being and it is a pleasure for me to support my patients in determining the specific details of what will create their “good health”.  Diet choices, sleep regiment, stress management techniques, exercise and general happiness are all factors discussed and balanced under my care. The patient and I both play key roles in treatment and the desired outcome.

I specialize in preventative and integrative therapies designed to cultivate lasting wellness.  Specialty treatments for women’s health, wellness and beauty are offered at any budget and I also offer men treatments for pain, stress management, digestive imbalances and support for the immune system. Treatment techniques include acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, food therapy, herbal remedies, Young Living essential oils and injection therapy (B12 and homeopathic).

Please call to discuss any personal healthcare questions. I am happy to offer my recommendations and perspective.

About Me

My service to women and families stems from my 10+ years as a Montessori teacher where I was a role model for children and mentor to parents. Both Oriental Medicine modalities and the Montessori Method and Philosophy of teaching are practical and complement any individual seeking holistic practices. I find them to be parallel worlds, acknowledging each child and each patient as a unique individual with varying natural tendencies.

As unique individuals we do not share the same requirements to achieve balance and so I impart the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine to create individualized treatment plans for each of my patients. Just as Maria Montessori would “follow the child” I also observe my patient throughout a consultation and throughout treatment to determine the root of imbalance to ensure benefits from every treatment. Changes and improvements vary per patient and per treatment technique.

 On a personal level I strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle through moderation and choosing what is right for me. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine therapies are my tools and techniques that support my health and the health of my patients. These therapies complement any lifestyle, assist in improving any chronic imbalance and are available for acute, temporary aches, pains and, of course, life’s stressors.

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