Oriental Medicine therapies include acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese food therapy, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and Chinese herbal remedies.

A description for each is provided below.
Dr. Johanna Jacobs offers these natural options for patients seeking a more holistic approach to regaining or maintaining their health.


What is the acupuncture advantage over western traditional medicine. Why choose a holistic doctor? 

As an acupuncture physician and holistic, integrative doctor my number one priority is to get know each patient, their body and present conditions. One of the key acupuncture advantages is that acupuncture and Oriental Medicine therapies focus on the patient as an individual; your particular circumstances, symptoms, and energy balance are of key importance to me.  

My focus is on treating you, the whole person, rather than separate body parts and symptoms.  All of this takes quite a bit more time than what is available to western doctors today.  Time that I’m very glad to spend with you and we will work together on creating the treatment plan that will balance you, regain your health and optimize your energy levels. My passion is to help my patients get a new understanding of their very particular situations and thriving in health!

Holistic medicine has a very long tradition of successfully treating an individual’s issues and helping them to  treat the underlying reason for the imbalance, or illness. Our bodies naturally respond to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine therapies and can efficiently resolve imbalances.  Your treatment plan will include the modalities of Oriental medicine that will bring your body back into balance to achieve good health. 

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Commonly treated imbalances

  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Jaw pain:  clenching fists and jaw, headaches
  • Vertigo:  acute or chronic
  • Insomnia:  inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, waking between 1-3AM
  • Pain:  general, chronic muscle pains, trauma/injury
  • Difficult digestion:  bloating, heartburn, reflux, tiredness after eating
  • Irregular Menstruation:  terrible cramping, headaches, inconsistent cycle, irregular flow
  • Fertility:  6 months trying to conceive without pregnancy
  • Low energy and Tiredness
  • Irritability:  short tempered from stress, tension bringing about aches and pains
  • Prenatal:  discomfort, heartburn, vomiting, preparation for labor and childbirth
  • Menopause:  sweating or sensation of rising heat, irritability, insomnia
Picture of Boca Raton Holistic Doctor using Acupuncture and Moxibustion for health.

This is a combination treatment where moxa is used to warm the acupuncture point with the needle inserted.



Chinese heat therapy that is practiced by Doctors of Oriental Medicine to induce circulation of qi and blood. Ai ye is the Chinese herb, also known as mugwort, that produces a concentrated heat that penetrates the skin and muscle layer alleviating areas of stagnation or pain. The warming effect is comforting and assists treatment of injury to diminish ache, pain and acute swelling.



The stimulation of acupuncture points and local areas of discomfort with gentle compression. This is a very useful technique for infants, children and elderly patients. People of all ages use acupressure with the guidance and recommendations made by practitioners of Oriental Medicine.


A technique that utilizes suction to relieve areas of qi and blood stagnation. This technique is rooted in many cultures and offers great benefits for pain, clearing respiratory congestion and boosting the immune system. It feels like a deep tissue massage!

Boca Raton Integrative Doctor using Gua Sha for holistic health in Boca Raton FL.

Gua Sha for the mid back, thoracic area.

 Gua Sha

A scraping technique that, like cupping, relieves area of stagnation and pain. Gua sha releases qi and blood stagnation from the deep skin and muscle layer stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to the local area. This technique is especially effective for relieving pain and strain in areas where stress and tension are stored. The neck and upper back between the shoulder blades is a common are for this treatment. Enjoy!

 Vitamin B12 Injections

Added to many treatment plans and wellness routines.
Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injections:
Boosts energy and relieves fatigue
Mood Stabilizing
Maintain healthy Nerve cells, RNS, DNA and red blood cells
Helps proper function of iron


Chinese Food Therapy and Herbal Medicine

Food is Medicine

Balance is key!

Chinese Herbs, Homemade Teas, Essential Oils and supplements complement any treatment plan and are administered to support holistic therapies.  Chinese herbs come in many forms: Formulas, Teas, Tinctures, Pills, Capsules and Granules. All herbs have properties beneficial in supporting and nourishing the physical body naturally. Taking herbs is a way of bringing treatment home with you to ensure the benefits of a treatment plan created by you and supported With Aloha Care.

Food is Medicine! 
According to Chinese Medicine, what we eat, drink and breath
becomes our Qi & Blood and supports the form and function of the mind, body and spirit.

Our food choices are imperative and unique to every individual. Choosing the proper items for you may require some assistance if you are left feeling tired after meals. Many people are making “good” food choices but unfortunately they are not “proper” selection for their body. Due to high levels of stress, time constraints, over work and excessive thinking the body cannot properly digest the food we eat.


Discuss the details of your digestions and discover a diet that suits YOUR body and lifestyle…With Aloha Care.

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