We all are looking for the little things that will make us look better and feel better. And lets not kid ourselves, here in Boca Raton  and Palm Beach, we have a lot of great looking people always doing the little things that help us look our best. When I meet with my patients for the first few times, my goal is to get to know you and your composition. It is from knowing you, your composition and routine, that I can help you regain your best health and looks with the correct balancing natural treatments. 

Look younger, feel great! Reduce wrinkles with firmer skin and jaw line, while improving your skin condition and overall health.

As an acupuncturist I always look for natural ways to help balance my patient’s energy and health. Most often the results of our traditional treatments result in glowing skin, and in healthier overall look.  I love the Mei Zen Acupuncture System is because, when you select it, it allows me to focus on your getting these great results for you directly.

When we meet we can talk about how Acupuncture for cosmetic results can give you the extra edge that we all want and sometimes need.  


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Relaxing treatments to refine your beauty!

This ancient Chinese beauty secret improves the general condition of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the jaw line to produce a radiant appearance.  Acupuncture needles are inserted superficially in specific points on the face to stimulate circulation and collagen production. Body points are also used to strengthen the integrity of the relationship between the skin and internal environment.

True Beauty radiates from within. The skin is our largest organ and reflects the state of our internal health.  It is the only organ that we have to take care of from both the inside and the outside.  According to Chinese Medicine our physical health, emotional state, and spirit are reflected on the skin, particularly in our complexion and skin of the face.  We look your best when our overall physical constitution and emotional state is healthy and balanced.

Many factors contribute to the visible signs of aging. Here in Boca Raton, FL we are constantly exposed to the sun and hot weather which has a two fold affect on our skin, one being harmful rays and the other is the potential for dehydration.  Drinking plenty of water and limiting your exposure to stressful situations, poor food choices and smoke will promote a more youthful appearance. Excessive stress, an unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle choices will contribute to premature signs of aging.  Cosmetic acupuncture will enhance your appearance and improve general health all while avoiding harsh chemicals and invasive treatments.



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The Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System follows a 5 week protocol that requires 2 treatments per weeks. Patients are scheduled to receive acupuncture on a Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday treatment plan. Mei Zen Cosmetic creams, toners and serums are used during the treatment and available for sale. The total cost is $1350 for an initial treatment and consult followed by 10 Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments.

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