Gifts from the Placenta

Food is Medicine!

Ingesting the placenta may not have been in your birth plan, but consider the following benefits as a gift from you to you. Your placenta is unique and offers your mind and body support through postpartum recovery and healing.

For thousands of years the iron-rich placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance postpartum wellbeing. Studies have clearly shown the efficacy of ingesting the placenta to balance moods, decrease postpartum fatigue and to increase energy, milk supply and the general feeling of wellbeing.

The Beautiful Blessings of the Placenta

  • Replenish iron from blood loss during the birth and to prevent post birth anemia

Having low iron often results in lower hormone levels, fatigue, lack of concentration and depressive symptoms. The placenta is rich in iron and studies have shown that postpartum depression improves greatly with iron supplements.

  • Offer you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends and offer natural pain relief from the labor and birth of the baby

Research has shown that ingesting placenta increases the effectiveness of opiods which offer a decreased perception of pain, decreased reaction to pain as well as increased pain tolerance. Less medication is needed and the new mother can enjoy her infant and have better maternal responsiveness without the worry of side effects from pharmaceutical pain killers.Provide the HPL hormone to establish early and healthy milk supply.  In a study where women were given placenta to consume, 86% reported increased milk production within 4 days. Research is still being done to determine which hormone react with and increase human milk supply.

  • Lessen risk of postpartum depression, “baby blues”, and stabilize hormones after birth

During pregnancy the placenta produces natural stress relieving hormones. Without the presence of the placenta, balancing and recovery of the body’s hormones may take several weeks or months. This lag time may bring about depressive emotions and lack of needed physical activity. Ingestion of the placenta after birth reintroduces these vital hormones to her body until her brain signals its own production and can level it out on its own.

Hormones Known to be in the Placenta

  • Oxytocin – The feel good or love emotion and is present during active bonding.
  • Cortisone – This hormones unlocks energy stored in the body and combats stress.
  • Interferon – Stimulates the immune system to fight off infections while the mother is healing from birth.
  • Prostaglandins – Anti-inflammatory
  • Hemoglobin – Replenishes iron, stimulates iron production in blood.
  • Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII – Lessens bleeding and promotes faster healing.
  • Prolactin – Stimulates healthy mammary function and milk production.

PLEASE NOTE: The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This service offer is not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.  Families who choose to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility for use of the remedies at their own risk and by their own choice.


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