You can gain from the wonderful healing effects of acupuncture at budget prices in our Boca Raton office. As a holistic doctor I always love to give back to the community and to be able to help bring affordable acupuncture to our area.  Acu Fix allows me to help spread the benefits of Acupuncture, priced at community prices but held in a private room setting.

Women’s Wellness “Quick Acu Fix” Treatments!

Chronic and Acute Health Issues

$50 for your first session

$135 for a package of three sessions



What is a “Quick Acu Fix”?

 There are six Quick Acu Fix treatments that are specially designed to ensure you receive relief and have you on your way in 40 minutes. Private treatments are focused on providing young and mature women with improvements for the six common complaints described below. Each treatment follows a specific protocol tailored with acupuncture points to provide relief and foster the body’s natural rhythms to repair and regulate.

How long is the Quick Acu Fix and how long will I be in the office?

Once we have discussed your reason for visit and desired outcome the acupuncture treatment will begin. The location of the needles will follow a protocol to best suit your present needs. You will have a full 25 minutes to rest and relax as your body and mind are nurtured with soft music and calming water sounds.  Your full visit to the office will be 45 minutes or less.

Can I come in with a friend or family member?

Absolutely! You and your friend will have your own rooms and private treatment but still be able to be in and out of the office quickly. Feel free to schedule an appointment together but say a sweet “see you later” once treatment begins. 🙂

 What is the difference between a Quick Acu Fix and Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is offered on a sliding scale and commonly 5-7 patients share the room. It is a nice experience for those who enjoy sharing their energy while receiving treatment. A Quick Acu Fix is designed specifically to nurture women’s health and wellness concerns in a private setting. If you want to relax and enjoy a healing experience without an audience then my office is the place for you.



Quick Acu Fix Treatments are listed and described below! 


easybreezy copy2

Easy Breezy … Manage and relieve stress, anxiety, irritability, anger, frustration and worry. This treatment is a balancing, calming, relaxing “feel good” treatment. Schedule the Easy Breezy at the end of a long week or to set a positive tone to start the week… anytime, even if you feel fine.






GI Jane … Digestive support. This is Tummy Time for women! Relieve bloating, upset stomach and persistent indigestion. Worry and over-thinking impair digestive function so clear your mind and settle your gut with a harmonizing treatment for the tummy.





Lights Out … This treatment focuses on nourishing the body to calm the mind.  your body and mind to ensure that you WILL have a night without tossing and turning. Rest and wake rested. Waking between 1 and 3 AM is very common.
Schedule this treatment and jump start your new sleep routine!




Moonstruck …This is the most popular Mini Treatment for young and mature menstruating women! This acupuncture treatment is designed to alleviate discomfort and encourage a smooth, easy flow. Headaches associated the menstruation can also be addressed.







Head Trip … Suffer no more! Regain your clarity and composure by alleviating  head aches and pains. Receive relief from cluster, tension and sinus headaches as well as migraines.




JawBreaker … TMJ! This treatment is designed to relieve tension that has you grinding your teeth and clenching your fist. Relief is provided for your neck, upper back, jaw and head. Say ahhhhhh…and release.


Do you have 25 minutes for your health today?


Come in for an Acu Quick Fix!
Twenty Five minutes of stillness and rest during a private acupuncture treatment harmonizes areas of imbalance to alleviate stress, tension, irritability, pain and discomfort.
In and out of the office in 40 minutes!
Perfect for your lunch hour!
Call to schedule your Quick Acu Fix today!

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