Young Living oils are therapeutic grade which allows you to freely diffuse then in your home or office, use in carrier oils or in pure form on your body and in some cases to ingest as a complementary healing method to support digestion and overall well being. Mothers and caretakers can also use small amounts to support the health of their infants and young children.


As stated by Young Living, “…essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are your path to the lifelong wellness we are committed to helping you discover.”


Acupuncture and Young Living essential oils help bring out your inner beauty and bring balance to your life and health as part of your health and/or pregnancy vitality protocol. Allow yourself to relax and then check yourself into an acupuncture and Young Living Essential Oil session to relieve that unwanted strain and reset your mind and body to a more balanced state.


Click the link below to review Young Living essential oils and blends.

“About Essential Oils” page by Young Living


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Johanna uses Young Living Essential oils and blends in treatment to support:


Boca FertilityAll Women’s Health and Wellness Requests

Please see the Women’s Health and Wellness page to review treatments available.

Boca FertilityFertility

Conception is still a miracle.  Many women and couples must maintain their health and patience to support their chances of conceiving naturally and through the IVF or IUI processes. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can bring you gently and effectively back into balance physically, mentally, and emotionally, so that you can have a better chance to become and stay pregnant.

Click to connect with the Acupuncture for Fertility to Support Conception page and refer to Acupuncture Ups Fertility & Pregnancy Rates for evidence based research. Learn more about conception from a TCM perspective in “The Yin and Yang of Baby Making”.

Boca FertilityPrenatal Care

Johanna has years of experience treating pregnant women safely with acupuncture and essential oils. She restores comfort to women throughout pregnancy and prepares a women physically and mentally for labor and childbirth. Many of her fertility patients continue acupuncture treatment during pregnancy and and postpartum.

Please refer to the PreNatal Acupuncture page to read about the benefits. Also check the Common Pregnancy Complaints and Acupuncture Soothes Indigestion for Pregnant Women located in the Blog.


Call Johanna to learn more about Young Living essential oils and to schedule your Young Living Essential Oil & Acupuncture treatment today!

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